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Eme Eidson is a filmmaker, with write-ups in and Variety magazines. Her documentary film, El Barrio (2007), about life in the Tepito neighborhood of Mexico City, was screened at the Berlin and Cannes film festivals, and won the Best Documentary and Founder's Choice Award at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival in 2007. Her documentary film, No Son Invisibles: Maya Women and Microfinance (2007), was screened at Cannes, Torino, Roma, Guadalajara, Tehran, Seattle Latino, Del Rey Beach, and Dubai film festivals, and has been acquired by many university libraries around the globe - including Harvard, Stanford, UT, TCU, Baylor, University of Washington, Vanderbilt, USC, and SMU - as part of their film/video resources. Eidson directs, writes, and produces most of this work herself. Lately, she has been working on narrative short film projects. The first, which has just been completed, is a fiction film which deals with issues of gender, trauma, and sexual assault, entitled Aura, which was filmed in Greece. The second short, about sex-trafficking, is in post-production. Her current documentary series, Slow Fashion, deals with cultural appropriation and sustainability in the fashion industry, filmed in Southern Mexico, India and Laos


Patricia Zavala Kugler was born in the entretainment industry starting out as a child actress in TV shows and commercials, theatre plays and musicals, voice over artist, jingles.


She has been diversifying between producing and hosting her own TV show, operating an International Film Festival and producing commercials, fashion photography (UK Vogue, German Glamour, NY Self, etc.), as well as producing cinema in which she feels more comfortable doing.


Working in movie production with vastly world known directors like Martin Campbell, Jared Hess, Catharine Hardwicke or Robert Rodríguez and talent such as Pierce Brossnan, Harvey Keitel, Antonio Banderas, Catherine Z. Jones Javier Bardem, Willem Dafoe, Andy García, Kevin Bacon, Forest Whitaker among others.