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Eme Eidson is a documentary filmmaker known for works such as "El Barrio," "No Son Invisibles/They Are Not Invisible" and "Slow Fashion." Her documentaries focus on cultural issues, sustainability, and social justice within the fashion industry. Eidson's film "Slow Fashion" explores cultural appropriation in the fashion world, shedding light on instances where traditional designs of Indigenous communities are exploited without proper credit or compensation. Through her work, Eidson aims to raise awareness about these issues and advocate for responsible and sustainable practices in the fashion industry. Her second documentary, No Son Invisibles: Maya Women and Microfinance featuring Muhammad Yunus is streaming on Alexander Street in the Ethnographic Collection found in public libraries. Her current documentary, Slow Fashion, can be seen on and New York City's The Filmmakers' Cooperative, She is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at Pratt Institute.

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